18 years of instruction and NONE of her athletes have ever been injured or suffered from any aches or pains due to the technique taught.

One of the things that I've learned as a Father is that everyone that spends time with your child and impacts them, shares the responsibility, and the credit, for that child becoming who they are. Krista is an amazing young lady and tremendously accomplished and I want to thank you for the part that you played in helping us raise her. You made a tremendous impact on her life and, as her coach, you played a large role in helping her choose her own path. You pushed her to get better, but you also let her know that the choices were hers and that there is more to life than a 65 MPH fastball. Not many coaches spend the time talking about life and praying with their players like you do. I found you 6 years ago by seeing a random advertisement and, to be honest, you were the only coach that bothered to call me back. I believe, however, that God led us to you and we are thankful for that. I am also extremely thankful for the fact that in six years she has not had one pitching related injury. That is a tremendous testament to the mechanics that you teach and I want you to know that I am a lifelong believer in the way you teach and coach.

Thanks, Amy... Krista and I have talked about coming down for a workout with you just for the fun of it. She does miss throwing and she does miss you.

Good luck to you and please let me know if there's anything I can do to help you and the Windmill Factory.



I decided to update you on my start of the season so far. We just started practice and it is going well for me! I am having fun again! All the pitches are coming along and I am so happy things are finally falling in place! Thanks so much for the email you sent me awhile back; it really inspired me and was very helpful! It explained so much that I couldn't figure out! I appreciate all the things you do for me and all the extra things you don't have to do!

Thanks again!


These are coaches who have influenced my life powerfully and with out their guidance I wouldn't be who I am today...

Fullerton Hills Bobby Sox:

Bob Fellows (Disaster!, as you would so often say when execution was not achieved. How true to the rest of life, thank for the life lessons, skills, faith in us and most remembered is how you passed onto us the love for the game)

Art Jarman (You woke me up to bigger and better things in the world of pitching when you threw me a knuckle ball. You inspired me to develop my skills with excellence! Thank you!)

Mr. Carr (I am grateful to you for not looking the other way when things needed to be adressed, that took courage, a sound mind, and rightness and it forever changed me, thank you)

Scott Weber (The joyful one, your smile and joy of coaching was contagious. You made playing a blast! Thank you for showing us how to have fun while working hard to win)

Bob Harris (not sure if the last name spelling is correct) (Wow, to this day when things get tough I hear you saying, "it's the eye of the tiger". Thank you for fanning the flames in young hearts)

Paul Hoffman (Your kindness was as profound as your courage, thank you for the honor of playing for you in Super Sox...you are an inspiration...thank you!)

UMPIRE: Bev Savage-Armstrong (Who knew one call would forever change a persons life...thank you Bev)

Sunny Hills High School:

Sherri Lazzarini You were more than a coach. You were a friend to all of us and made each one of us know that you were there for us no matter what. Thank you for the drills, I thank you even more for connecting to us whole heartedly. You will always be cool to your kids!

Scott Weber (yes, again...what blast!)

Pitching Coach

Bill Owens (The sign read each time we came for a lesson, "First I will get ready and then perhaps my chance will come" Thank you for the preparations and guidance and of course I loved all of your jokes!

OC Batbusters (Haning)
Gary Haning Bootcamp! Anyone who has played for you LOVED IT! Everyday I step out to coach I am grateful for the training I received under you. Thank you for giving me what I needed to pursue my dreams (even though some of them were derailed) I find fulfillment in that I can take what you taught me and help the kids here fulfill their dreams. Thank you Gary, for all the work you invested in me and thank you for all the tremendous return it has provided.